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About Tuune

Our mission and vision

At Tuune we believe that when hormones are left out of healthcare solutions, women and people with cycles suffer with substandard care.

After being misdiagnosed with bowel cancer, our founder Shardi Nahavandi discovered the truth: she had a severe hormone imbalance. She decided to set up Tuune with a vision to create a fairer healthcare system for women and people with cycles with hormones at the heart. We're starting this journey with a mission to have one million women re-evaluate their contraception and find balance with their hormones by testing their hormonal health with Tuune.

More than 54% of women globally suffer from the side effects of their contraception, and by joining us you can help our Tuune users to discover how to live better with their cycles.

Will you join us and help create a fairer healthcare system for women and people with cycles?

How we do it

Our proprietary technology generates the world's first hormone health report for women and people with cycles at scale. Through our tech as well as biological testing we help our users truly choose the right contraception for them, which may or may not be hormonal contraception.

We drill down into hormonal symptoms such as PMS, mental well-being, skin, libido, migraines, weight and more to help our women and people with cycles (finally) understand their body.

This is only just the beginning of our journey - there's plenty more to come to lay the foundation for our moonshot vision.