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About Whitespace

We're a team of researchers, engineers, and technologists (along with a few former CTOs), who design, develop and build new ideas, products and ventures.

We help businesses innovate, from the small things that can make a big difference to more involved 'Eureka!' projects. We work with global clients to develop products, markets, and ventures that will change things for the better. So when the future rolls around, they're ready.

Each of our designers, engineers, researchers, founders, and technologists brings their expertise. Together, we use our skills to solve existing problems and find new answers. And then we build the tech. It's a more sustainable way of working.

  • Lead Innovation Researcher
    Join an Experience design team in a company where research is highly valued and baked into our process. From discovery and problem exploration to validation, this is role for those who love to get stuck into new problems.
    United Kingdom 2 weeks ago