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About Paperclip

Paperclip is an early-stage startup backed by Tiger Global, Amity Ventures, and BoxGroup that is creating the operating system that will power the next generation of technology startups.

At Paperclip, we understand that running a business requires more than building the right product and delighting your customers - you have to make money too. But for most founders, balancing the books, managing expenses, issuing invoices, and chasing late payments just isn't what they signed up for. Our solution is an enterprise data platform that extracts information from the SaaS apps you already use and automatically delivers it to where it's needed for finance, accounting, and operations.

For customers, that means no longer needing to process transactions by hand or stitch together data in spreadsheets. And importantly, it means no longer needing back-office employees. Instead, a unified platform allows customers to monitor, control, and optimize their profitability without manual effort.

Our clients are the future leaders of their industries, from software to biotech and everything in between. Working at Paperclip means amplifying the profound effects they'll have on our lives by profoundly improving theirs.

  • Senior Product Designer
    You’ll be joining a team of experienced, multi-time founders, whose previous companies were backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, Thrive Capital, Softbank, and Y Combinator.
    US, Canada 1 week ago