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Tucows has been on the Internet since the days when it was unironically referred to as the Information Superhighway. We have a deep and storied online history. Everything we do is on and for the Internet.

In 2012, Ting shook up the mobile industry by offering fair pricing, delightful user interfaces and shockingly non-phone-company-like customer support. Fast forward to today with Ting topping $43M in gross margin last year. We're building products that customers love and others copy. We're consistently rated tops by Consumer Reports readers in their annual survey of mobile providers. We're happy to be closing in on 300,000 active customers or about %0.01 of US mobile users. In other words, plenty of good work yet to do.

Continuing this upward trajectory, we have been investing millions in fiber networks and partnering with towns across the US to change what Americans expect from their Internet service and from their Internet service provider.