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About Radio Systems Corporation
At RSC you'll hear "Love Thy Customer" every day. It's our culture to seek to understand and empathize with customer needs. Our environment is open and relaxed, with a focus on collaboration and improvement. Teammates walk up to each other's desks to share a project idea or have a quick design review. Meetings can transition from a passionate debate to a fun team lunch. We teach each other new skills with on-site and virtual classes. Our office dogs help us test new prototypes and relax with a game of fetch, and no one seems to mind the dog hair.

Our company values outline "THE WILL." These values act as our guide for working with teammates, partners, and customers. It's a rare day when someone doesn't quote one of our values. We know them by heart, and we live them.

  • Try - Try a lot of stuff and keep what works. Mistakes are recognized as a part of the learning and growing process. The only failure is failure to try.
  • Honesty - Integrity is more important than short-term profit. We are open and honest with our fellow associates, our customers, our vendors, and our stockholders.
  • Environment - We create an environment of openness, equality, and teamwork.
  • Win-win-win solutions - There's always a win-win-win solution to every problem or opportunity.
  • Improvement - Continuing improvement in our company, our products, and ourselves is fundamental to our culture.
  • Listen - Listen to customers, teammates, and vendors to find ways to improve products and processes.
  • Last - Radio Systems will be built to last for many generations through its culture and practices.