ALX User Experience (UX) Designer

Nairobi, Kenya 3 weeks ago
Full-time Sponsor visa
Help develop Africa's next 3 million ethical and entrepreneurial leaders through blended physical and digital experiences!


UX Designers at ALX are systems thinkers who develop intuitive design solutions to an incredible array of different problems, from how students build self-directed learning journeys, to how community members can discover and collaborate with each other to develop projects together, to how new employees get on-boarded and up and running.

As such, your responsibilities will be;

  • Creating blended physical and digital experiences that keep the user at the core
  • Defining and scoping projects in collaboration with product owners and the Head of Design
  • Using user research, market research, and usability data to inform concept development
  • Creating storyboards, experience maps, and personas that build buy-in for proposed solutions
  • Translating concepts into use cases, scenarios, and design requirements
  • Building and testing low-res prototypes that blend in-person and digital experiences
  • Creating the high-level conceptual structures and end-to-end experience design
  • Developing design systems for intuitive experiences across physical and digital elements


  • Expertise in at least one of the following and experience in at least one other: Interaction Design, Service Design, UI Design
  • Solid experience in creating wire frames, storyboards, user flows, process flows, site maps etc - everything from concept to production
  • Working knowledge of online and offline design, brand development and the creative process
  • Knowledge of layouts, graphic fundamentals, typography & limitations of online and offline design work
  • Effective collaborative skills with a knack for visual design and passion for seeing products development through 
  • The ability to storyboard or translate ideas to designers and others, influencing external and internal stakeholders
  • The ability to think creativity, be highly driven and self -motivated
  • Robust attention to detail, with the ability to think fast on your feet
  • Ability to manage time effectively and prioritize tasks to meet deadlines, including the capability of dealing with several projects in parallel
About ALX


As the most innovative company in Africa, we are catalysing the transformation of the continent by empowering its biggest untapped resource - its people.  

ALX is a Leadership Development Platform that is expanding rapidly across Africa - towards the ambitious goal of developing 3 million leaders who will tackle the challenges and capture the opportunities of the continent. These leaders will transform Africa and create opportunities for millions!

As the newest part of the African Leadership Group, ALX is a bold innovation in talent and leadership development. We merge lifelong learning and development with a  purpose-led community, innovation ecosystems and venture incubation. Our goal is to become the gathering place for the top 5% of leadership talent and to scale to hundreds of cities across Africa and around the world