ING Romania Senior Product Designer

Bucharest, Romania 3 weeks ago
In this role, you'll build for the local market, with direct access to real users, and immediate impact. You'll tackle challenging and complex products, ultimately crafting experiences that touch hundreds of thousands of people.


User Experience in ING Bank is at the core of how and why we do things and we're on a mandate to make users the most important part of our process. To accomplish that we're looking for somebody who is comfortable saying that he or she is a Senior UX or Senior Product Designer.

This person will be working, with various business areas of the bank, understanding traditional banking products and figuring out how to translate them into digital products.

He/she will also be contributing through the UX team and key stakeholders to redefine what Home'Bank will be in the future.

We're building a top team and planning to do amazing things.

Your day-to-day

  • Collaborate with Product Owners, Analysts, Developers and other stakeholders to clarify the scope of our products and features, evangelize UX values, manage the design process and drive decisions forward, while creating meaningful experiences through Home'Bank.
  • Effectively synthesize and communicate research findings, conceptual ideas, detailed design, and design rationale both verbally and through execution.
  • Facilitate, Research, Ideate, Prototype, Test and Build hi-fidelity designs. We're building a global design system, so you won't have to be a visual design god, but any good UXD will have a very strong understanding of good UI principles.
  • Align and sync constantly with the UX team on ongoing design topics and help inform the product roadmap on various features while trying to maintain a consistent experience across the board.


  • Design tools are just a means to an end. For us, it is vital to build consistency and streamline work inside the team, that's why we ended up using Sketch.
  • We prototype with conversations, paper, Marvel, Principle, Axure, depending on what exactly it is we're testing or showcasing.

What you bring to the team

We're looking for over 5 years of experience, but what we're really searching for is the work done, the way it was done, the mindset, capacity to learn, adapt and grow.

Here's what we hope you'll be(come):

  • Understands web & mobile technologies (won't write code);
  • Critical thinker who identifies assumptions and knows how to find ways to validate them;
  • Understands product thinking;
  • Obsessively curious;
  • Masters the 3 great Gs: Great writing skills, good facilitator and good debater 🦄 (builds arguments based on data);
  • Strong visual communicator and equally strong stakeholder management skills;
  • Masters the design process, being able to adjust applied methods and techniques to the stakeholders' setting, maturity level and goals;
  • Works independently and without close supervision, but never forgetting being part of a team.



What the challenges are:

  • Advocating and maintaining a human centered approach in developing products and features
  • Educating partners on what good design is and what it means to build meaningful products
  • Working to explore and define Most Lovable Products and ensure that the design intent is maintained from conception to delivery.

Why it should all be worth it:

You're building for the local market, with direct access to real users, and immediate impact. You're solving for challenging, complex products and building an experience that touches hundreds of thousands of people. Ultimately, you're designing for one of the most challenging problems in the world: money.


The usual "competitive salary and flexible working conditions", but what we hope will set us apart will be the growing design culture, the true focus on customers, the great team and the profound relevance you will have in transforming an entire company and building a product that you can take pride in. 

About ING Romania
ING Romania is part of ING Group, an international financial institution of Dutch origin that offers banking and investment management services for individuals, companies, and institutions in over 40 countries across 5 continents.