Breville UX Designer (Interaction Design)

Sydney, Australia 3 weeks ago
If you're passionate about food thinking and the science behind it, this is a great role for you. Breville thrives in empowering people to master every cooking moments in the kitchen.

A UX Designer at Breville wears many hats. We are a diverse team with varied vertical skill within the UX discipline, and we'd like to add you to the mix - a UX Designer with dual ability to design and code (to a degree). We have no end of fascinating challenges at Breville that can only be solved by someone with innate UX sense, technical aptitude, and great taste.

Although not a deal-breaker, an ideal profile for a UX Designer at Breville is someone with an industrial design background, with experience in designing a digital product/service design. You'd join us at a perfect time to help shape what we build and how we grow.

As a UX Designer who can code, we are hoping you're someone with creative skills and proficient in front-end development. Anything that involves User Interface (UI) prototyping and development are going to be an integral part of what you'd be doing at Breville UX team.

Tackle great challenge while making an impact

For the scale of work we are doing, our UX team is small, so people wear many hats. You'd be jumping between products and contributing to building our design systems. Depending on the product timeline, you'll be participating in every phase of the product development stage, from inception, research, design, development to implementation. Being bored will not be a thing.

Accelerate your learning as a maker 

You'll get to flex a versatile set of your UX thinking muscles; balancing vision, craft and business potential at the intersection of hardware and digital product design. All with a single goal in mind, to solve real problems for our users and help facilitate their success in the kitchen.

The big picture of the role

You are expected to:

  • Help guide our overall strategy through design, prototyping, and market research.
  • Expand the product vision to create a meaningful experience for our users.
  • Craft every detail of the product features, from high-level idea to UX to pixel-perfect execution.
  • Partner with our Industrial Designers, Engineers and Product Managers to understand the users need, want and love about Breville products - Use this insight to plan and scope the UX-specific workload and roadmap.
  • Utilise existing components from our design systems and expand it as you design new components. Be pragmatic about your approach when designing the UX for our products - help us to move faster as we scale.

We value someone who can:

  • Translate complex user needs, technical constraints, and business goals into thoughtful, delightful user experiences.
  • Create pixel-perfect UI design. Build delightful UIs across Breville products; both embedded on appliances, on mobile and voice platform.
  • Prototype ideas using cutting edge tech to demonstrate the value proposition for a new digital initiative. Prototyping at Breville goes beyond screen, so experience with either Arduino or Raspberry-Pi is a huge bonus!
  • Plan, organise and facilitate UX research, Usability Testing and Beta test.
  • Understand the business lingo and can untangle hard conceptual problems into digestible chunks to create the best possible UX and interaction design.
  • Tell stories using visuals with contextual words and strategise the best way to get your point across.
  • Care about the business needs, implications, and possibilities of your designs; e.g. able to balance complexity in developing your design when pit against time, effort and budget. You don't get stuck on pretty UI and capable to balance between craft, speer and the bottom line.

Who we're looking for:

  • Someone who is passionate about food thinking. Breville is about enabling our users to master every cooking moments and deliver perfect results in the kitchen.
  • 5+ years of UX design experience, and have shipped products.
  • Have a strong understanding of UX design methodologies.
  • Excellent communication skills and have contributed as a strong collaborator within a team of product managers, designers and engineers.
  • Independent thinker with a collaborative approach to design; can design for constraint, plan for iterative or phased deliver and scalable solutions.
  • Have sharp intuition for how people use (or wish they could use) our products.
  • Someone who can disagree and commit. The UX team vision is to facilitate the product team to succeed, so the ability to set aside your egos, willingness to listen and collaborate is key.


The UX Designer at Breville lives in the intersection of designing for experience across hardware (how the product form affects UX), software (the UI) and the interaction.

Staying on top of the latest design tools is imperative. Solid experience with user research, user stories and wireframing is a must. This is a multi-disciplinary field, incorporating Design Research, UI and Interaction Design... and social behaviour.

Must have:

  1. Online portfolio showcasing your UX work.
  2. Cross-platform design experiences (embedded UI, Web, Mobile, or voice)
  3. Passion about coffee, cooking and the science of food.

Tactical skills requirements:

  1. Lo-fi and Hi-fi prototyping skills.
  2. Proficient in the tools we use: Sketch, Framer, Overflow, Dovetail, Zeplin, Optimal Workshop, Axure, Notion, Jira, Bitbucket, and Confluence.
  3. Good grasp of HMTL5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

How to Apply

To be eligible, you must have a right to work in Australia.

If this opportunity excites you, send your resume to

  • To qualify for consideration, candidates must show relevant past works (UX portfolio).
  • Include this role's title in your subject line (it'll help us to sort through the emails).
    • In your email, please write a short narrative on "How you would create value for Breville as part of the UX team".
  • Send along your portfolio link that showcases the relevant things you've built and done.

About Breville

Founded in 1932 Bill O'Brien, a radio salesman, and Harry Norville, an engineer, scraped together 500 pounds in the midst of the nation's worst economic depression to found "Breville Radio". Together they built and sold radios to a generation for whom radio was the centre of family entertainment and a vital connection with a world in great upheaval.

Breville sold its radio division in 1951 with the advent of television but continued as a family business with a focus on small appliances and on seeking innovations to everyday living. It was John O'Brien, son of Bill, who in the 1960s established the Breville research and development centre which enabled it to design and produce its very own products. The establishment of this product research and development centre was one of the most significant events in the history of Breville. The research and development centre developed some of the most iconic Australian kitchen appliances, such as the Breville snack 'n sandwich maker and the Breville kitchen wizz food processor.

Since then, Breville has become an iconic global brand that enhances people's lives through thoughtful design and brilliant innovation, delivering kitchen products to more than 70 countries around the globe. Breville is the kitchen appliance brand that delivers innovation based on consumer insights, empowering people's potential to do things more impressively or easily than they'd thought possible in their own kitchen.