Level Content Designer

US (only) 3 weeks ago
Content Design role now open at @joinlevel. It's an early start-up, but investing in content early, which is an amazing opportunity. You'll be the second to join after @wordstern. Product content and content ops experience preferred!

Level is seeking an experienced Content Designer to join our growing team. As a product Content Designer, you'll be working alongside a product Designer to bring thoughtful, informed, consistent experiences to life. This looks like working on end-to-end flows, solving for stress cases, tracking and setting terminology, writing up content documentation, and tracking all your changes through product iterations. 

Beyond product work, this role also will cover some core Content Design work, such as style guide and standards development and building a process to capture terms. 

About you

  • Strong cross-functional collaboration required. You're familiar with the product development process, can articulate your point-of-view and aren't afraid of asking all the questions
  • Independently minded. You're comfortable driving a project independently, can meet deadlines without oversight, and are adept at making clarity out of ambiguity
  • Feedback friendly. You work well with other designers and content designers, in order to help make everyone's work better. You're happy to share your work in turn. 
  • Experienced in product. Seeking someone with 5+ years working in product. That means consumer (or B2B or enterprise, etc), working alongside design and research to make the thing that people use. 
About Level

Level is a start-up  set on changing benefits for people. This means the members who use them, the employers who choose them, and the providers that put them to work. While health benefits have seen so much innovation over the last few decades, other benefits like dental and vision have been benignly neglected. That’s where we come in. Level makes benefits easier, smarter and transparent. Even delightful. 

Our team is a diverse group of passionate people, excited to put their skills and background into making Level something amazing. While we’re remote at the moment (get your Zoom ready), we’ll have our NYC hub open again and plan to open a spot in San Francisco as well. But for right now, work from wherever you’d like.