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The Project The Bank of Canada is embarking on a program of major social significance to design a contingent system for a central bank digital currency (CBDC), which can be thought of as a banknote, but in digital form.

The Project
The Bank of Canada is embarking on a program of major social significance to design a contingent system for a central bank digital currency (CBDC), which can be thought of as a banknote, but in digital form. This project will require us to break new ground. It will take into consideration a wide variety of factors, including policy considerations, diverse stakeholder needs, difficult technical challenges and ensuring the development of a world-class user, inclusive, experience. 


For further background information on the CBDC program, please refer to the Contingency Planning for a Central Bank Digital Currency background note, Money and Payments in the Digital Age speech by Deputy Governor Tim Lane and Staff Analytical Notes on Designing a CBDC for Universal Access, Technology Approach for a CBDC, Privacy in CBDC technology and Security of a CBDC.

The Challenges
We aim to design a CBDC with cash-like properties in digital form: 

  • Universally accessible: Regardless of their circumstances, CBDC should be usable by all Canadians, even by those without a bank account or access to a cellular phone, in remote communities not well served by cellular networks, and/or those with sensory, motor and cognitive impairments. 
  • Resilient: CBDC should have extremely high availability and best in class Service Level Objectives (SLOs) such as Recovery Time Objective RTO and Recovery Point Objective RPO. 
  • Secure: CBDC must have the highest levels of security so Canadians can use it with confidence, as they do our banknotes.
  • Private: While not aiming for cash-like anonymity, CBDC should be highly private yet meet the obligation to be compliant with anti-money laundering and other regulations. 


We will design an architecture into which these properties are coherently embedded, with a potentially multi-decade evolving lifespan, supporting a business model designed to achieve CBDC policy goals.


What will you do
As a member of the Fintech Research team in the IT Services department, you will use your expertise and experience to solve unique and difficult problems in inclusive design, specifically in the area of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and its policy objective of universal access. 

You will have the opportunity to use your specialized skills, develop these further, and to contribute to other areas of the project by:

  • Designing high quality CBDC user experiences for everyone, including people of all ages, income levels, locations, abilities or with visual, motor, and cognitive impairments
  • Collaborating with your team, stakeholders and external vendors to solve complex design problems by generating multiple solution options. 
  • Producing detailed designs to help everyone understand the user experience, using story boards, flows, wireframes and vision pieces. Analyzing trade-offs, considering design ethics, predicting impacts and making recommendations.
  • Maintaining knowledge of cutting-edge user experience methods and technologies (e.g. biometric technologies) to improve user experience and accessibility
  • Facilitating external users directly, or through vendors, to create persuasive, user-centred insight based on data, best practices and research 
  • Assisting in the design and development of proof-of-technologies and proof-of-concepts
  • Critically examining, auditing and testing the claims of vendors and designers. 
  • Contributing to the development of a working CBDC system and contributing to the documentation and body of knowledge of technical designs
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