Dassault Systemes Senior UX Designer – Engineering Simulation Software

Johnston Rhode Island or US Employees Remote 1 week ago
Dassault Systems seeks a Senior UX Designer to design apps used by engineers to understand their products virtually so they can improve the sustainability, performance, reliability and safety of their products in the real world.

Our R&D teams are technology-driven, which our highly skilled users appreciate: our UX challenge is to reduce the friction and gaps in our users' end-to-end workflows. Your goal will be to help us get a shared understanding of the current experience and improve our ability to define and deliver great workflow-based UX.

You'll spend much of your time collaborating with product managers, developers, and subject matter experts within the SIMULIA brand to discuss long- and short-term goals, proposed designs, research, plans for the next few releases, feedback on what has been implemented, etc. When things are working well, we are equal partners with the development lead and the product manager and we have pretty deep technical discussions to negotiate the best UX possible given code infrastructure and schedule constraints. There's a lot of iteration and typically a lot of ambiguity and complexity, so we're always learning and it's hard mental work to figure out the right designs (which is both challenging and satisfying). To be successful, you'll need to navigate complex, cross-functional organizations - sometimes with competing priorities and perspectives - while building relationships and engaging with stakeholders and colleagues across functions, levels, and geographies.

Your typical deliverables will include:

·        wireframes/low-fidelity mockups to communicate user workflows, high-level concepts, or alternative solutions

·        medium-fidelity mockups to communicate the target user interface & interaction design

·        research plans

·        user stories (such as journey maps)

·        spreadsheets of problems to solve/user outcomes

·        information architecture diagrams

·        blog posts to share (or seek) information on our intranet

·        vision designs

·        presentations to share information and help with product planning.

We are working as a team to improve our design critique skills, meet every other week for team meetings, and collaborate on most projects. We also work with our UX colleagues in other brands to share information and collaborate on company-wide UX projects. These are interesting because we get to learn about areas of the business that are quite diverse, including biomedical solutions, manufacturing operations, and CAD.

One of our goals is to continuously improve UX maturity, which provides opportunities for leadership in addressing challenges such as:

·        refining our UX strategy

·        sharing knowledge of UX methodologies and best practices with project team members to help them build their skills, define UX metrics, and change the definition of "done" to be user-focused

·        socializing success stories and the value of good UX

·        improving UX Design & Research operations

·        developing a cross-brand design system to improve the consistency and quality of a wide range of enterprise applications.

Because of the technical nature of our work, we're looking for someone who has previous experience with scientific, technical, or engineering products & workflows involving B2B enterprise software. Project management skills are a plus.

About Dassault Systemes

SIMULIA realistic simulation applications accelerate the process of evaluating the performance, reliability and safety of products before committing to physical prototypes. Engineers and designers use our simulation software in complex, collaborative engineering workflows that typically span weeks or months. They solve engineering design and manufacturing problems, explore design alternatives to improve their products, and imagine innovative solutions in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, clean energy, and healthcare. Our simulation applications cover structural, fluid, electromagnetic, acoustic, and motion behavior as well as optimization and design exploration techniques.

The SIMULIA UX team works with highly educated and talented colleagues worldwide, including our UX counterparts in our sister brands SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, ENOVIA, and DELMIA.

We are following a hybrid model of 3 days in the office and 2 days from home.