Viget UX Designer

Viget is an agency on a mission to build a better digital world. We want to hear from UX designers who have an interest in accessibility and user research, and want to be a part of our inspiring project teams

Our UX team provides a range of services - including research, strategy, and design - to those clients. When we can, we also share our methods and opinions about design.

Our UX Designers:

  • Collaborate with their peers to design high quality digital products and websites.
  • Never tire of using creative user research methods to gather critical insights about what users really need.
  • Have an innate sense of - and strong opinion about - good usability when it comes to web applications. Are also able to clearly express their opinions in ways that build consensus.
  • Articulate complex ideas, then document them (using appropriately chosen, informed deliverables such as sketches, wireframes, prototypes, site maps, user flow, personas, and scenarios) to drive decisions and reach a shared understanding.
  • Expertly present recommendations - to team members and clients, alike - on elements such as functionality, content, and navigation that are considerate of project scope and timeline.
  • Enjoy working with agile development teams on software applications, and helping those clients focus on realistic deliverables.
  • Meet deadlines without breaking a sweat (okay, maybe a little sweat).
  • Take pride in listening, communicating, and collaborating exceptionally well. 
  • Understand established interactive technologies and possess the limitless curiosity to learn about new ones.

To be considered to work at Viget, you should exhibit these characteristics too.

In a given week, our UX Designers might be:

  • Interviewing online shoppers to understand how they use bargain sites to get the best deal on a purchase.
  • Facilitating a discussion with the client's team, helping them evaluate which product concepts to build.
  • Heads down, deep in a complex spreadsheet, exploring ways to better organize site content.
  • In front of a whiteboard with the rest of the project team (visual designer, project manager, developer, data analyst) to re-think the UI for a complex feature.

UX Designers must also:

  • Have at least 2 years of professional, post-collegiate experience.
  • Have a BA, BS, BFA, or equivalent work experience in areas such as human-computer interaction, information science, graphic or industrial design, computer science, fine arts, social sciences such as psychology, or another related field.
About Viget
Viget is a digital agency / software development shop headquartered just outside of Washington, DC, (in Falls Church, VA) with additional offices in Durham, NC, Boulder, CO, and Chattanooga, TN. We've been at it since 1999 and have earned a solid reputation as a rare firm that does both great design and development work when building digital products and marketing platforms.