Brightidea Senior Product Designer

San Francisco, Ca 3 weeks ago
Build beautiful world class products on our social collaborative platform. have massive impact and touch a different part of our product everyday.

The Product Team

The Product Team is a central part of the Brightidea organization, responsible for expressing the vision of the company through the product. We are a team of collaborative, respectful, thoughtful, creative, and incredibly driven people. We are all passionate about building high quality product that creates value for our customers and progresses the company forward on our mission to create a world where the best ideas win.

About the Role

You are a practiced designer. It feels like you've been creating experiences all your life. 

These days, you tend to call yourself a Product Designer, because it encompasses much of what you do (incorporating UI, UX, visual design, information architecture, and design strategy - none of which, alone, seems broad enough). You are a master at taking an abstract assembly of user needs and product requirements and driving to solutions with creativity and rigor, using software as your medium.

You think about things as systems - the parts necessarily come together to make a whole, and you want that whole to be as elegant, efficient, and delightful as possible. Sometimes you even find yourself thinking about the customer's experience with a sales meeting or a piece of marketing content (because, after all, doesn't the customer experience start before the customer touches the product?). 

You want to empower others on your team to work at their best, and you find enjoyment in serving as a leader in various aspects of your life (whether it's leading a project, or an organization, or a trip with friends...). You are happy to take an hour to document a process or a design component, if you know it will save your team 10 hours in the future, and help you maintain quality in your product.

Example Potential Projects:

- Strategic redesign of our navigation systems and menus 

- Optimize the user flow for self-service setup of a new system

- Comprehensive user experience for capturing "any idea, any time"

Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Work closely with Product Managers to drive projects from high level wireframes and clickstreams through to prototypes and pixel perfect implementation.
  • Translate abstract use cases into simple, intuitive user flows.
  • Design polished user interfaces and interactions that bring clarity to complex design problems.
  • Participate in design reviews, including both presenting your work to teammates and stakeholders, as well as critiquing your teammates' projects. 
  • Document designs to support engineering efforts. Work with engineers to see your designs through to delight users.
  • Contribute to the development and maintenance of our product style guide and design system. This includes helping us drive our design system from "atoms" to "molecules", and practicalizing the usage of the design system.
  • Drive design research studies when additional data is required to make good design decisions. This might range from performing  quantitative data analysis to running a usability research study to conducting customer interviews.


What You Need to Succeed:

  • You have a minimum of 5 years product design experience with a complex web application and/or enterprise software.
  • You have a bachelor's degree with strong academic credentials.
  • You are able to easily understand the ramifications of design decisions at a global level.
  • You are an expert with design tools for wireframing, mock-ups, and prototyping (e.g. Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Balsamiq, etc.).
  • You have experience incorporating a wide range of dynamic typography, color, imagery, and graphic elements in your designs.
  • Your strong communication skills allow you to clearly express your design goals and design decisions.
  • You have a solid understanding of modern front-end engineering tools and practices and more generally of how web and mobile applications work.
  • You are self-directed, guided by an intrinsic need to deliver customer utility, success, value, and delight. 
  • You shine in ambiguous situations where the path forward is not wholly clear. This includes figuring out what problem you need to solve and what questions you need to get answered in order to progress forward. 
  • You are "strategic and hands on", as excited to roll up your sleeves yourself, as you are passionate about building an elegant and robust design system that will empower your teammates to work at a higher level of quality and efficiency. 
  • You are an entrepreneurial thinker who is not afraid to challenge the status quo.
  • You are hungry for feedback.
  • You feel personally connected to and energized by our mission to create a world where the best ideas win

Our Company & Culture

We are a tight-knit, entrepreneurial minded team of self-starters who show up every day with a singular mission: to create a world where the best ideas win.  Our primary focus this year is to continue to add exceptionally talented and motivated individuals to the Brightidea team. We are ambitious, bold, highly-collaborative, focused, and we aim to win.  We take a humble approach to changing the way corporate R&D teams run innovation challenges. 

Anyone joining our company will have the opportunity to shape the culture and be an integral part of setting it up for long term success. If you identify with being humble, T-shaped, and relentlessly resourceful then this could be the perfect team for you to shine in. 

Brightidea believes that everyone has the ability to make a difference and that a diverse team generates more innovation and bigger ideas.  Just as our product invites organizations to crowd source innovation across their workforce, Brightidea is inclusive and does not discriminate.  We accept everybody.

About Brightidea
We live in an age of disruption where companies are struggling to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of their customers. The most successful companies today are those who are constantly bringing innovation to market. Brightidea helps companies collect and manage ideas from anyone, whether from the breakroom to the boardroom or anywhere in between, in order to stay relevant, cut costs, and scale new ventures.