Joseph Rowntree Foundation User Researcher

Want to make a difference in solving UK poverty? then follow the link for more details
About the role
This is a newly created role and you will join the team at an exciting and critical time. We are seeking a User Researcher to join us and play an important role in transforming the organisation's digital proposition.
Millions of people are locked in poverty in the UK; we don’t believe that’s right. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to solve it. JRF’s new strategy is to work alongside others to build public and political will for change and demand for solutions.
Joining us on our mission to inspire action and change to solve UK poverty, you will become part of an organisation that’s embracing matrix working, technology, innovation, digital and design thinking to modernise what we do and how we do it.
Taking a lead on all our user insight, from understanding how they use our web products and where we can improve, to how they think and feel about poverty as a complex subject matter, our brand and our campaigns is the key contribution of this role.

About you
We are looking for someone with huge enthusiasm for what we do, who can engage in our mission and purpose. Our ideal candidate will not only be passionate about the whole user experience, but also highly experienced in identifying research opportunities; designing research objectives; and conducting user research using the right methods.
Good communication skills are key as you will need to be able to explain insights in a way that other people understand and engage the whole team in your research findings.
About Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Joseph Rowntree Foundation is a social change organisation with a 100-year history. We’re built on trust, show we care, and exist to make a difference. We work with others to put forward sector-leading research, evidence, solutions and stories to the UK’s influencers and decision makers. We believe that a prosperous poverty-free UK is within reach, we just need more people to believe it too. To make our vision a reality we need talent, ideas, skills and passion, plus we need to change some of what we do and how we do it too. So, we’re embarking on a significant period of change. Change that will see us become an outcome focused organisation that embraces new ways of working and modern practices. If you share our passion, then we need to hear from you.